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Solar pool heating is the most successful–yet least applauded–commercial solar application. Maintaining a stable water temperature at your facility can be a huge financial burden. Luckily, there’s a solution for these high costs.

The Affordable Solution

Solar thermal heating and the needs of commercial pool operators make a perfect match. The pump needed to flow water through the solar collector must be purchased, regardless of which heating technology is used. The owner or operator merely has to purchase the solar collectors and associated parts. Since pool owners or operators don't need to heat their pools above 30°C, high temperature-glazed panels or glass tube systems designed for hot water and steam would not be suitable.

Results You Can See

Utilising solar as the primary heat source reduces energy consumption and expenses with immediate, spectacular and long-lasting results. Simple payback is typically realised in 3 years or less, alongside substantial reductions in CO² emissions. Give us a call to see how solar energy can save you money. 

We offer a lifetime warranty on our products, including cockatoo protection

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