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There are many ways to increase the temperature of your pool, each of which has their own unique advantage. Here are the different methods available and links to our preferred suppliers, whom we have selected based on outstanding quality, durability and technology. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

Gas Pool Heating

Many pool and spa heating systems need to be left operating continuously simply because they take days to heat up. Gas heating is the only on-demand heating option.Whether your pool or spa is in a warm sub-tropical climate or a cool temperate climate, only gas can realistically heat your pool in a few hours. Once the weekend or holidays are finished, simply turn your heater off, saving energy and money.

Alternatively, gas heating can be used to boost solar heating systems, giving you more freedom to use your pool when sudden cold snaps arise.

More information -www.astralpool.com.au

Solar Thermal Heating

Solar power is the most environmentally-friendly method of actively increasing the temperature of a pool. In most cases, it is also the most economical way.

Pool water is pumped through tubes or collectors, which are exposed to the sunlight, warming the water inside like a garden hose in the sun. The warm water is recirculated into the pool and increases the overall temperature.

Whilst the principle seems simple enough, the differences are in the detail: how much pipe is required, what material is used, how much heat can be absorbed, etc.

Solartech recommends non-metal solar collectors made from polypropylene, which are consistently rated #1 in every industry-wide durability and performance test. They also offer a lifetime warranty against splitting and cockatoo attacks.

Heat Pumps

Want a reliable and energy-efficient pool heaterthat heats your pool all year round but won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Evoheat have an extensive range of customised pool heaters that can be specified to meet your exact requirements.

Whether you’re a home pool owner or running a resort/leisure centre, Evoheat have the right product for you.

EvoHeat is 100% Australian owned and is a leading specialist supplier of heat pumps for domestic and commercial pool applications.

Our pool heaters are tough and durable, that are built for Australia’s harsh conditions and utilise cutting edge components.

Our pool heaters provide more than just the essentials. With one of the highest Coefficiency of Performance ratings available worldwide, our units are up to 600% more energy-efficient than other models in the market. This translates to exceptionally large savings in the long term.

For further peace of mind EVO comes with an industry-leading warranty:
  • 15 Years on Titanium Tubing
  • 5 Years on Compressor
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year on Site Labour (Force 5 back to base).
More information: http://www.evoheat.com.au

Pool Covers

Covering your pool during the night to keep the warmth in makes sense, and is the most straightforward way to increase your pool’s temperature.

Daisy Pool Covers have taken this simple principle to a new level and have developed a cover which lets the heat in and traps it inside the pool. This increases the water temperature significantly. As an additional benefit, covering your pool when not in use reduces evaporation by 97%.

More information - www.daisypoolcovers.com.au

Solar power is the most environmentally-friendly way to heat your pool

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