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Effective Pool Heating

Heating Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are exposed to excessive cold due to their open air structure, causing the temperature of the water to lower. In colder weather, this can lower to an unbearable level. Our pool heating systems regulate the water’s temperature, giving you warm swimming water – even on the coldest days. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

How Swimming Can Change Your Life

Swimming is not limited to a simple workout, as physicians are focusing more on the benefits of hydrotherapy. Your physical and mental health can both benefit from a tranquil swimming session. A pool heating system will allow you to enjoy these benefits year-round.

Heating Options

Solar heating panels are gaining in popularity due to their one-time costs. Solar panels are renewable resources, making them as great for the environment as they are for your utility bill – once installed, it doesn’t cost anything to heat up your pool. If you would prefer instant heating solutions, consider an electricity or gas-powered system.

Our Promise to You

Solartech Pool Heating is committed to bringing comfort and ease to your life with the changing weather conditions. You’ll never miss another swimming session due to cold weather. Contact us and we will suggest the most affordable and reliable solution for you.

We’re committed to bringing comfort and ease to your life 

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