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Swimming is a healthy activity which not only helps you retain an attractive physique but refreshes your mind as well. When the weather gets cold, however, it becomes impossible to swim in the open air. For such a situation, various heating systems are suggested to keep the temperature of pool worth bathing. The following options will allow you to enjoy your pool year-round. Give us a call today to install one for your pool.

Solar Thermal Heating

In this system powered by solar panels, a fair portion of water is pumped through the tubes. The water’s temperature increases naturally through sunlight and then flows back in the pool. This system is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump works in the same way that central air conditioners in homes or offices work to maintain a stable temperature. This system consumes electricity to draw heat from the air and transmit it to a portion of water, which is then pumped back to the pool. The heat pumps retain the temperature considerably well in the extreme cold weather, allowing you to swim, enjoy and have fun.

Gas Pool Heating

Just like an electricity-powered heating system, this system is equipped with the consumption of gas. Unlike others, however, it has a much higher speed in maintaining the temperature of your pool. Whilst other heating systems need to be left on, a gas system can heat up your pool in mere hours after being turned on. To save money, you can easily switch it off when not in use. 

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